by DHI

The Water Forecast is DHI's forecasting service for all types of marine and fresh water operations.

Similar to a weather forecast the Water Forecast provides people at sea, in coastal areas and in lakes with forecasts of how the water will behave - including forecasts of wave heights, currents, sea water temperature, water quality etc. Additionally the Water Forecast also provides weather forecasts - including forecasts of wind, air temperature etc.

We focus on specialised forecast solutions and decision support systems customised to meet the needs of our clients.

The Water Forecast is available world-wide with operational centres in Denmark and Singapore.


Take a swim in Copenhagen Harbour

Copenhagen Harbour 

The bathing water forecast for Islands Brygge in Copenhagen Harbour can be found at kbh.badevand.dk. On this website Fisketorvet and the beach Amager Strand can also be checked. 

DHI has for the Municipality of Copenhagen developed the bathing water forecast, which is based on measurements of overflow and carried out with the use of a detailed current model for the harbour.

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