Detailed local and regional forecasts tailored to the needs of the customers are the main focus areas for the Water Forecast.

The Water Forecast by DHI is an integral part of the DHI Group with operational centres in Denmark and Singapore. The forecasting service started in 2001 with a forecast model for the North Sea, the inner Danish waters and the Baltic Sea, and is now a forecast service with customers and forecast models world wide.

One of the main advantages for our customers is the fact that the forecast products build not only of the knowledge of the forecast team, but also on the expertise from all of the Solution departments, the MIKE by DHI and the Solution Software by DHI units within the DHI Group. Furthermore, this expertise is combined with the local knowledge at the many DHI offices worldwide. For detailed meteorological forecasting DHI is collaborating with StormGeo in Norway.

Forecast services may start as a consulting project in one of the Solution departments or one of the offices, where hindcast models are set-up and calibrated before they are used in for example an environmental impact assessment. Turning these hindcast models into forecast models ensures accurate and cost effective deliveries of forecast products.

Other forecast services are based on the large and growing number of existing forecast models already operational, while yet other forecast services require local models to initially be set-up and calibrated before they are used on an operational basis.

Water Forecast Examples