Aquaculture Operations

Aquaculture Operations

Your challenges as a fish farmer

  • Your fish farm is located in sheltered or partly sheltered waters possibly with varying currents (from tides) and varying sea water temperature
  • You need to optimise the feeding cycle with respect to currents and sea water temperature
  • You need to know about approaching toxic algae

Water Forecast services and typical benefits

  • Forecasts of currents and sea water temperature on an hourly basis up to several days ahead in time provide an accurate basis for optimising feeding times to periods with low currents and/or optimal temperature conditions
  • Forecasts of the likelihood of approaching toxic algae a week or two in advance makes it possible to optimise fish catch and/or moving cages

Examples of forecast services already provided

  • Detailed forecast system was set-up and transferred to Intesal/SalmonChile in Chile for the Sea of Chiloe. This is where the major part of the Chilean salmon production takes place: 300.000 tons/yr.
  • Algae forecast for Danish Waters in collaboration with Orbicon and Dansk Akvakultur with focus on four selected fish farms - see link section to the right.
  • Forecast of water quality index and dynamic suitability mapping based on weighted river loads of sediments and nutrients in the Johor Straits, Singapore.