Bathing Water Quality

Bathing Water Quality

Your challenges as public authority

  • You are responsible for the water quality of the recreational waters in an area
  • You need knowledge on water quality; real-time data and prognoses will improve your decision making
  • You have legal requirements e.g. e.g. to predict the bathing water quality and warn users of recreational beaches on poor quality

Water Forecast services and typical benefits

  • ECO Water Forecasts of detailed currents around your valued areas, such as beaches and conservation areas in the marine and in lakes support evaluation of real-time and long-term spreading and degradation of pollutants; or even provide detailed modeling of the fate and distribution
  • ECO Water Forecasts gives you as manager a solid basis for day-to-day decisions whether to warn the public about poor bathing water quality at a beach in the marine or in lakes
  • ECO Water Forecasts published on web, smartphone, etc.are always online available to the public and thus provides a solid basis for planning a day at the beach and do also increase the confidence in using a beach area

Examples of forecast services already provided

  • Copenhagen Municipality and other municipalities in the Copenhagen area has for a number of years been using a bathing water quality forecast service, which includes online access to storm water overflow sensors - see link section to the right.
  • Swedish municipalities along Halland on the west coast are providing their beach goers with green or red flags based on a detailed water quality forecast service - see link section to the right.