Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Projects

Your challenges as a developer or contractor

  • You are going to build a bridge, an immersed tunnel across a waterway or a strait, or reclaim land in a port, and you need detailed current, water level and/or wave/swell forecasts to perform you operations on and in the water in a safe and efficient manner
  • You need measurements from a wave buoy to define when the wave conditions have been above your contractual limit for safe operations
  • You need a single forecast as a developer that all your contractors can use
  • You will be dredging and need to minimise the spill impact

Water Forecast services and typical benefits

  • Detailed current and/or wave forecasts supplemented by online measurements up to the point in time when the forecasts start gives you confidence in your go/no-go decisions, and thus makes it easier for you to maintain a high level of safety
  • Detailed forecasts helps you optimise and reduce stand-by time, and thus reduce costs
  • Forecasts being made available to others including the public can be a part of your PR strategy for your infrastructure project

Examples of services already provided

  • The 3.24 km long Busan-Geoje submerged tunnel was built as part of an 8.2 km motorway in South Korea. Being very sensitive to swell, the transportation and immersion of tunnel elements demanded an accurate metocean forecast system - see publications link to the right.
  • For 18 km the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link scheduled for completion in 2018 Detailed forecasts are being provided based on the wave model, hydrodynamic model and environmental model being used for the environmental impact assessment - see link section to the right.
  • An Environmental Monitoring & Management Plan (EMMP) is the primary method used in Singapore to ensure dredging and reclamation works will not cause any adverse impact to the environment. Sediment plume forecasting is an integral part of the feedback monitoring approach developed by DHI - see link section to the right.