Marine Environment DSS

Marine Environment Decision Support

Your challenges as a public authority/institution

  • You have the responsibility for the monitoring of regional water bodies, but have only limited number of measuring  stations, so a spatial resolution of the marine environment in between the stations are required
  • You are going to release treated water from a treatment plant into a water body and need decision support for optimising the release w.r.t. the environment and costs

Water Forecast services and typical benefits

  • Forecast and hindcast of environmental parameters for regional water bodies - possibly combined with satellite data - can form the basis for long term and short term environmental planning 
  • Detailed current forecasts combined with forecast of spreading and dilution of treated water can be used to minimise environmental impact and costs 

Examples of forecast services already provided

  • Seaway SmartRelease: Gold Coast Water is responsible for the management of the water, recycled water and wastewater assets of the City of the Gold Coast on Australia's east coast. Excess treated recycled water is released at the Gold Coast Seaway on an outgoing tide in order for the recycled water to be dispersed before the tide changes and re-enters the Broadwater estuary. This decision support system is based a combination of forecasts and monitoring - see link section to the right.
  • MarCoast (Marine and Coastal Environmental Information Service) is a project within the global GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) framework. GMES is a European initiative for implementation of information services focussing on the environment and on security. MarCoast covers water quality in coastal areas and aims at decision support for coastal planning. MarCoast is supported by ESA (European Space Agency) - see link section to the right.