Oil and Gas Field Operations

Oil and Gas Field Operations

Your challenges as an oil/gas company or as a contractor

  • You are developing a new oil or gas field and require accurate forecasts of waves and currents for your marine operations (planning and execution) - both within the next couple of days but also within the next few hours. Many operations have maximum operating limits and accurate forecasts of operating windows are crucial.
  • You need accurate forecasts for your daily operations at an SPM or FLNG in order to minimise risks and costs. 
  • In case of an oil spill you need a quick forecast of where the spill will be heading and possible impact areas as a part of you emergency response. 

Water Forecast services and typical benefits

  • Detailed current, water level and/or wave forecasts supplemented by online measurements up to the point in time when the forecasts start gives you confidence in your go/no-go decisions, and thus makes it easier for you to maintain a high level of safety
  • Detailed forecasts helps you optimise and reduce stand-by time, and thus reduce costs
  • An operational oil spill forecast can also be used in emergency response training thus giving the emergency response team confidence in the interpretation of the spill forecast

Examples of services already provided

  • An Operational Hydrographic Forecast System for the Northern Caspian Sea has daily since 1998 provided AGIP KCO with 72-hour forecasts at selected locations. The forecasts are used in planning of oil exploration operations in the northern Caspian Sea.
  • The location and strength of the loop current in the Gulf of Mexico is of utmost importance for marine operations affected by the loop current. Forecasts are being provided from a dedicated 3-dimensional ocean model, which DHI runs at a super computer centre in Poland. See also link section to the right.