Port and Ship Operations

Port and Ship Operations

Your challenges as a shipping company or port/terminal authority

  • Your ships - whether these are container ships, cruise ships, ferries or other type of ships - need wave and weather forecasts for planning of safe and cost effective operations.
  • In your port some of the berths are difficult to use during certain wave conditions and you need to plan ahead when this may happen. Your port may also be difficult to enter during certain current conditions and you need detailed forecasts as support to the pilots.

Water Forecast services and typical benefits

  • Wave, current and/or weather forecasts are provided for your shipping routes, which assist the captain in optimising the route w.r.t. costs, and for passenger ferries also w.r.t passenger comfort. 
  • Detailed wave and current forecasts in and around ports helps all users of the port in performing safe and efficient operations. 

Examples of services already provided

  • A information service to improve operational efficiency and safety of current sensitive marine activities is being provided in Singapore. The product - called STRAITSFORECAST - is available for pilots, terminal operators, marine contractors, marine engineering consultants and public recreation users - see Info@Sea in the link section to the right.
  • A major shipping company receives several times a day wave and wind forecasts for the Baltic Sea, the inner Danish Waters and the North Sea in the form of email on their ships.These are supplemented by dedicated animations on a web site.