Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Projects

Your challenges as a developer or contractor

  • You are in the planning phase of the construction of an offshore wind farm and need detailed current, water level and/or wave/swell forecasts to perform the required marine operations in a safe and efficient manner
  • You need measurements from a wave buoy to define when the wave conditions have been above your contractual limit for safe operations
  • You need a single forecast as a developer that all your contractors can use
  • You need wave forecasts to forecast wave energy production from your wave energy devices
  • You need water level and current forecasts for your tidal energy production 

Water Forecast services and typical benefits

  • Detailed wave, current and/or water level forecasts combined with weather forecasts and online measurements up to the point in time when the forecasts start gives you confidence in your go/no-go decisions, and thus makes it easier for you to maintain a high level of safety
  • Detailed forecasts helps you optimise and reduce stand-by time, and thus reduce costs
  • Forecasts of wave energy and tidal energy production helps in the planning of optimising the total energy production within a larger grid 

Examples of services already provided

  • Forecasts for offshore wind farms during their construction and during their later maintenance have been and are being provided for many locations in Danish, Swedish and UK waters.
  • Detailed forecasts of waves, currents and water levels are being provided to EMEC, which is a test centre created to promote the development of the wave and tidal stream energy conversion industries in the UK. The established open-sea grid-connected test facilities are located around the Orkney Islands - see link in the section to the right.