Running Your Own Waterforecast

Running Your Own Water Forecast

Your challenges as a public institution or private organisation

  • You have the responsibility for forecast of water levels, currents and/or waves for sea area or large lake, and you need a fully operational in-house forecast system in order to provide forecasts to your users 
  • You need to provide the members of your organisation with detailed forecasts of hydrographic conditions and/or the water quality for a smaller area, and you prefer to have all forecasts done at your own operating centre
  • You are setting up an oil spill forecast and emergency response centre and would like to have all forecast models including oil spill models operating within the centre

Water Forecast services and typical benefits

  • A fully operational forecast system with hydrodynamic models, wave models, water quality model and/or oil spill models can be provided with tuning of models included. This makes it possible for you to focus on your other tasks. 
  • For detailed local models boundary conditions can be provided from DHI's global and regional forecast models, which makes local modelling possible without running larger encompassing forecast models.
  • Forecast models are based on MIKE by DHI software, which means that files from the forecast models can readily be used in detailed hindcast studies when using the same software

Examples of services already provided

  • Venice Acqua Alta Forecast System is an operational surge and tidal prediction in Venice, the Venice Lagoon and Northern Adriatic based on a modeling suite including both statistical and deterministic models. Also wave forecasts in the Northern Adriatic are being produced. The forecasts are used for safeguarding the City of Venice and planning of operations.
  • A Water Forecast for The Great Lakes (Canada) including storm surges and waves.