Hindcast Data Products

Hindcast Data Products

From all our forecast models hindcast data are available up to 10 years back in time depending on the start of the individual forecast model delivery.

All forecasts start with a short hindcast in order to get the best starting conditions for the forecast, and adding these "analysis" or "nowcast" data produces a very valuable hindcast data base.

The areas covered by the hindcast data are thus the same as for the forecast model data. (Note, however, that some forecast model are proprietary). For a map of forecast model areas and types of data (deliverables) see links in the section to the right.

Examples of available hindcast data are shown below. Please contact us for terms and costs - see link in the section to the right.

Coverage Data Type Resolution in Space Resolution in Time Period
Global Wind and pressure (from GFS/NCEP) 1x1 deg, later 0.5x0.5deg 6 hours, later 3 hours 2004 - present
Global Wave 20 km to 100 km* 1 hour 2004 - present
North Sea and Baltic Sea Wind, wave, water level, currents, salinity, temperature, water quality 600 m to 20 km 1 hour  2002 - present 
South China Sea  Wave 5 km to 50 km* 1 hour 2005 - present 
More to follow ......

*: Flexible mesh model with varying element size

Data are provided in MIKE by DHI DFS format or ASCII text format.

Other metocean hindcast data bases available at DHI: North Sea / Baltic Sea Hindcast Database, PERGOS Hindcast Database a.o.