Forecast Deliverables

From our water forecast models and the meteorological models we have in our system we can provide you with forecast up to 6 days (or for some parameters up to 10 days) ahead in time of 

  • Wave heights (Hs and Hmax), wave periods (Tp, Tz and others), wave directions (mean or peak). These can be provided for wind-sea, swell and/or total sea.
  • Water levels and depth averaged currents
  • Currents, water temperature and salinity through the water column
  • Dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll-a, phosphate, ammonium, nitrate, nitrite and other water quality parameters
  • Wind speed and direction, air temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, solar radiation
  • Risk of lightning and fog

Your forecasts can be provided tailored to your needs in different formats as

  • A dedicated web site (regular size or for mobile devices), password protected or public. These web sites are readily developed using Solution Software by DHI 
  • Regular emails with an attached PDF file containing the forecast
  • A text file via a ftp site, which for example can be displayed on your own web site
  • An app for iPhone or Android